The Paella Experience

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Most romantics would suggest that the dish Paella was first prepared by a lover for his fiancée and that the word is a corruption of ‘para ella’ (meaning ‘for her’ in Spanish). Like all myths there is a small grain of truth in this and although many women still traditionally do the cooking in Spain, making Paella is usually left to the men – very much like BBQ’s.

Our Paella chef will cook the freshest locally sourced ingredients; Seafood Paella – A Spanish tradition, Chicken & Chorizo Paella – A classic from Valencia or Roast Vegetable Paella – The Vegetarian option, in huge Paella pans served with a salad feast at your villa for sharing with guests pre or post your wedding day. Ali-oli, native olives and artisan breads are authentic starters – A true Mediterranean tradition.

Paella creates a cooking ceremony, a debate often over the making itself, making it one of the most sociable and enjoyable Spanish culinary occasions.

And finally, if you don’t already know – and you want to impress your friends, “Paella” is pronounced “pa-e-ya” with the “e” as in “bet”.

Paella Experience